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Post-Coronavirus - Growing your business

As the world adapts to the changes brought on by the coronavirus, businesses are turning an eye to the future. At some point, things will get back to normal (even if it is a NEW normal), and the businesses that are able to adapt and adjust will likely succeed while others struggle.

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Marketing Your Business During a Pandemic

The overall COVID-19 pandemic experience has been one of contrasts. Some areas have been hit hard, while others appear to be minimally impacted. The same is true of businesses.

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Managing a business with a remote workforce

Managing a business with a remote workforce (lots of zoom calls, being flexible with kids home, keeping clients businesses first when they need it most.)

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5 Questions Before Picking A New Web Design Company

The reason we know internet marketing, web design, and branding can be such a nightmare is because for almost two decades we’ve been been inheriting nightmare scenarios from new clients.

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Is your marketing plan ready for 2020?

Digital marketing often feels like balancing a bunch of spinning plates overhead- you are able to keep everything from crashing down around you, as long as you keep moving a mile a minute.

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What We Learned at Emerge Summit 2019

Staying in touch with current trends in marketing and business is important to us, not only for our clients, but also for our personal development. We recently attended Emerge Summit hosted by Greater New Orleans, Inc. and the Spears Group.

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If you are not using Google Ads, you are missing out

Sometimes tactics that are considered old-school achieve that designation because they work and people continue to use them.

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Legnd: Leader in Web Design & Digital Marketing

Legnd is proud to be recognized for our hard work over the past 15 years. As a data-driven business resource, Clutch uses verified client reviews to create a B2B platform.

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Legnd: Voted Best Local Web Design & Internet Marketing

The whole team at Legnd is so excited to have been selected by UpCity as a Local Excellence Award winner! UpCity is the leading online Marketplace that connects businesses with trusted web designers and Internet marketers. Recipients of this award are selected based on credibility, reviews, and reputation based on a multitude of digital signals. Many thanks to all of our local clients that took the time to share their experiences which led to this special recognition! 

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Legnd: Top 1% Internet Marketing Agency in America

UpCity uses a sophisticated scoring mechanism that weighs heavily on verifiable customer reviews and we couldn’t be more pleased to make into the Top 1% in the U.S.

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