Staying in touch with current trends in marketing and business is important to us, not only for our clients, but also for our personal development. We recently attended Emerge Summit hosted by Greater New Orleans, Inc. and the Spears Group. The two-day event was an incredible meeting of Millennials sharing their experience and passions. Of course, free coffee from Stumptown based in the Ace Hotel in New Orleans makes any event worthwhile, if you ask us. We’re a little coffee-obsessed here at Legnd in case you couldn’t tell.

Living in a “post-truth” world, we are personally responsible for the content we consume and create.

Megan: As a venture capitalist, the keynote speaker, Calvin Wells, is no stranger to high-risk, high-reward prospects that sound too good to be true. He recounted his recent experience with the infamous PR disaster that was Fyre Festival. Trying desperately to stop Fyre Festival from happening, he learned that truth sometimes doesn’t hold a candle to a very attractive social media influencer. He advised treating news and media like an investigative journalist, by researching and fact-checking everything. 

Alyssa: With the ever-changing environment we live in, it is important to have access to up-to-date information. Investing in platforms where you can receive industry updates and credible news is a great way to stay informed in the business world. Although there are many platforms available, one of the options Calvin mentioned was the Wall Street Journal and industry podcasts.

Company culture is always changing, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of your control.

Alyssa: When things go stagnant in your company:

  • Ask your team what changes they would like to see.
  • Revise company goals. Hosting a retreat is a great way to refresh!
  • Motivate employees by building authentic relationships and encouraging open communication.

Megan: Michael Hecht, President and CEO of Greater New Orleans, Inc. said, “Look for opportunities where you can lead, either formally or informally.” I think having the mentality of a leader, no matter what your position you’re in, will always positively impact your team.

Investing in your personal brand is great for you and your team.

Megan: Goldie Chan, a LinkedIn Top Voice and keynote speaker, shared some great insights about why you should be building a personal brand. She talked about how a polished personal brand not only reflects positively on you, but also your team and company. She challenged everyone in the audience to increase their network both traditionally and through sites like LinkedIn. 

Alyssa: Target your specific audience— are your social media posts targeting your clients/customers or other companies in your industry? Be consistent with activities. Whether you are posting on social media or hosting team development functions, be consistent with frequency. Other companies within your industry could give some useful insight on your shared industry. Host or attend events outside of your industry to broaden your knowledge base.

What’s one key takeaway from Emerge Summit 2019?

Alyssa: A mentorship can be a great way to grow as an individual within your field or as a professional. Having an encouraging, wise person to help you succeed was recommended by many of the speakers at Emerge.

Megan: I love what Ayame Dinkler, Chief of Staff for LCMC Health, said about increasing your professional influence. “Establish a team you trust. Prioritize your time on the things that matter.” 

Over the course of two days, we learned some valuable insights from outstanding entrepreneurs, made some amazing new connections, and drank way too much coffee (it was worth it).

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