As we emerge from the Spring and early Summer lockdowns and quarantines, it still doesn't feel like things are close to our previous normal. Because of the coronavirus and the upheaval that it has caused in our personal and professional lives, a lot has changed especially for companies that rely on a strong online brand profile.

Here at Legnd, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the insights and knowledge they need to succeed in today's uncertain times. One area that is of keen focus, is online reviews. This tool has emerged to be a game-changer for most public-facing businesses in the COVID era.

Online Reviews: Once Crucial, Now Essential

While they have always been important, there's no denying that online reviews can now make or break a company. More and more consumers are turning to e-commerce to take care of their shopping, and they also have the time to do a lot more research.

If you are looking to improve your brand and become a powerhouse in your market segment, don't overlook online reviews. Of course, it's not always possible, or necessary, to have 100% glowing reviews, but proper attention must be paid to this part of your online presence. The worst thing to do is to bury your head in the sand, especially in today's more competitive environment.

When you work with Legnd you can take comfort in knowing that you've got a team of experts watching your back. We can help you manage your reviews and help mitigate any potential fall-out from those that are less than stellar.

Want to learn more? Contact the ace team at Legnd today and let us help you get to the front of the pack!

Brent Pepitone

Lead Developer, SEO Guru, and master of the well-timed animated gif. Renowned for his programming efficiency, we use the same speed timer to measure Brent’s programming as we do the page-load speed of our websites. He’s such the master of efficiency that after a daughter, he and his wife had twin sons. When he’s not up late beating an aggressive deadline Brent can be found cooking and enjoying craft beer.

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