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Why Transparency Matters in Web Design and Marketing

“Marketing transparency” is much more than a meme or a buzzword. With ethics in marketing and web design being scrutinized more now than ever before, brands and businesses need to be as transparent as possible about all that they do.


Legnd awarded Best Web Design Company 2021

Legnd is proud to announce that we’ve been selected as the Best Web Design Company from over 250 competitors.


Legnd Awarded Best Web Design Company in Dallas

Legnd was ranked among the most trusted agencies to design and build professional websites by

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Managing a business with a remote workforce

Managing a business with a remote workforce (lots of zoom calls, being flexible with kids home, keeping clients businesses first when they need it most.)

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5 Questions Before Picking A New Web Design Company

The reason we know internet marketing, web design, and branding can be such a nightmare is because for almost two decades we’ve been been inheriting nightmare scenarios from new clients.


Why you Need Professional Photography

As our digital world becomes smaller, standing out in a crowded field can often feel like an impossible task. In our own experience and that of our clients, we have found that highlighting an amazing team is often the best way to get noticed.



Before jumping into the design we wanted to take the time to focus on our main messages and what types of pages and content needed to be present to support them. We spent a lot of time coming up with the service pages, case study pages, and other pages of the site we wanted to include.


Branding 101: Mistakes Businesses Make

Far too often businesses suffer from a few simple branding mistakes. Many of those mistakes can be easily avoided.


Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Like any other marketing strategy, the goal of an SEO campaign is to put your brand in front of more people and, if done properly, the right people!

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