Chatbots have been the norm for large companies such as Visa and Amazon for some time now. Recently, you may be noticing that a lot more small and medium-sized companies are employing this AI tool on their sites as well. A chatbot can help decrease shopping cart abandonment, and make it easier for consumers to get important info that may lead to a sale.

There are two main types of bots, those that are AI-enhanced (think Google Assistant and Siri), and others that provide automated information similar to an FAQ page. A properly designed bot can help to lessen the load for your customer service team while also making a visit to your site a more positive user experience. Think about how many times a customer has visited, completed a query via a form, and is never seen again.

Different from a contact form in that they provide a response in real-time, chatbots can help to improve engagement metrics for your business. This tool can help you increase conversion rates as the customers' questions are addressed immediately; while they are still active in the sales funnel. Because chatbots are programmed to navigate users to a live agent when they get stumped, the likelihood of conversion increases. Multiple e-commerce sites that have implemented chatbots report a lower rate of cart abandonment.

Legnd is here to help answer all of your questions and help your business determine which type of chatbot set-up can best meet your site's needs. Let’s get your conversion rates rocketing upward!

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