It's All About The People

Legnd Has It…

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to assemble a truly dynamic team based on both character and talent. We compete against big-time players in the industry and repeatedly come out on top. Driven by passion and a little too much coffee, we have a long track record of winning.

Bottom line, we are very proud of the product we produce, and we are also very proud of Legnd to match their service with our product. It’s a match I could not do without. Manny Randazzo, Randazzo King Cakes
How We Do It


We love our team! We pick up each other’s slack and no one ever says, “That’s not my job.” We operate in a high-trust environment that values hard work, integrity, authenticity, personal responsibility, and respect, to name a few. It’s no accident that every member of our team enjoys coming to work, and that’s a huge part of our success!

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Our Culture

Play Hard, Work Harder.

Our team works hard together. We fight to meet aggressive deadlines to launch new websites and battle to achieve coveted search engine rankings. And we play hard. We join families for Sunday brunch and talk trash on the ping pong table.

We’ve also been known to do both at the same time, like working a late night to give our clients that extra edge while cheering for the USA in a World Cup match. We believe business is very personal and the lines between work, home, and play should be blurred sometimes.

Ping Pong
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