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We are a competitive web design and SEO team in New Orleans that is ready to take your organization to new heights. From impressive websites to better ranking, we’ll keep improving New Orleans businesses for years to come.

Web Design Client HOME SWEET HOME

Perch, an interior design boutique located on Magazine Street, New Orleans, approached us to help design their marketing website and customize their ecommerce website. Learn more about our New Orleans web design services.

The Salad Station, web design project
Web Design Client Fresh Design for a Growing Franchise

The concept for Salad Station is simple— bring customers farm-fresh produce in a make-your-own salad or wrap atmosphere, and charge by weight. (Oh, and we can’t resist their homemade spaghetti, baked potato bar, or baked goodies!)

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All the best Internet marketing companies have access to the same tools and the same technology; what they don’t have is a team that refuses to be out-worked! Whether you want more clicks, more subscribers, more sales, or all of the above, our team will plan and execute a winning strategy.

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Bart's Office Moving Project Thumbnail
Bart's Office Moving Project by Legnd
ProjectBart's Office Moving

Bart’s Moving hired Legnd to revamp and increase their online presence through a custom website design and SEO strategy. Bart’s Moving isn’t your typical moving company. Based in New Orleans, the company is run by four sisters who are breaking down gender stereotypes every day. So creating a custom website design that reflected their unique business was our mission. Our web design focused on displaying professionalism and expertise, while keeping in line with their existing brand & personality. Our SEO strategy focuses on bringing them customers from the New Orleans and Northshore areas (Covington, Mandeville, and Slidell).

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Strong Shield Project Thumbnail
Strong Shield Project by Legnd
ProjectStrong Shield

Strong Shield Siding is a unique business that specializes in exterior enhancements for new construction as well as older homes in New Orleans and surrounding areas. They hired Legnd to build a website designed to showcase each of their individual services, as well as convert visitors to paying customers through a robust SEO and site optimization campaign. As far as the design of the website, photography was key to building trust and reputability with website visitors, so we designed the website with a heavy emphasis on showing off their phenomenal work.

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Legnd Project Thumbnail
Legnd Project by Legnd

Not only does our design team create websites, they also specialize in icon design. Icons are simple graphics that represent either a service, product, or any topic that needs a visual aid. We are one of the few New Orleans web design companies that provide this service. Custom icon sets can complete your branding and set you apart from the competition. They can be incorporated throughout your website design or marketing or print materials.

Berryland Motors Project Thumbnail
Berryland Motors Project by Legnd
ProjectBerryland Motors

Launching Berryland Motors was only the beginning. We have an entirely different set of tools, processes, and team members that take over after launch. We track every user that visits their website and we mine the data for insights to make improvements so the website continuously performs.

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JW Properties Project Thumbnail
JW Properties Project by Legnd
ProjectJW Properties

A long-term web design and SEO client of ours, JW Properties was due for a revamp of his website design. During our pre-design meeting, they expressed a desire to incorporate icons into the design to represent the services they provide. Instead of using standard icons, we thought this was a great opportunity to expand his brand and craft a custom icon set for his website. By pulling in the same curvature from their logo, and the color scheme of their brand, this set is truly unique to JW Properties.

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Greyhouse Construction Project Thumbnail
Greyhouse Construction Project by Legnd
ProjectGreyhouse Construction

Greyhouse Construction, a design and build company that serves the New Orleans & Northshore areas, approached Legnd to brand their business. They needed a logo that would be recognizable and stand out on their many marketing materials. We decided to go for a rustic look by incorporating a distressed typeface with a pop of burnt orange to add interest. After establishing the logo, our designers branded a variety of print design such as business cards, signage, letterhead, t-shirts, and more.

New Vista Solutions Project Thumbnail
New Vista Solutions Project by Legnd
ProjectNew Vista Solutions

New Vista Solutions, an Austin based mortgage settlement solution company hired Legnd to design a website for their business. Part of the web design process was to establish and design a custom icon set. Each icon represents a service New Vista provides. We pulled the color scheme from their brand to ensure that the icons had a custom feel and fit seamlessly into the website design.

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il Mercato Project Thumbnail
il Mercato Project by Legnd
Projectil Mercato

il Mercato is a beautiful, historic property on Magazine Street in New Orleans that has been converted to a wedding and special event venue. Wedding website designs can typically be over-designed and take away from the venue itself. For this client, we wanted to let the imagery showcase this gorgeous venue, so our web design team created a website that was simplistic in design with a custom photo gallery built to impress.

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Premier Automotive Project Thumbnail
Premier Automotive Project by Legnd
ProjectPremier Automotive

Premier Automotive is a New Orleans based family of automotive dealerships, with locations in Louisiana, California, Tennessee, Kansas, and Indiana. Equally important as their car dealerships are their community outreach efforts. When Legnd was hired to design a website for them, we were mindful to convey both the business and personal sides to Premier Automotive with equal importance throughout the site.

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Wetland Equipment Project Thumbnail
Wetland Equipment Project by Legnd
ProjectWetland Equipment

Wetland Equipment is the gold standard in the manufacturing of amphibious equipment. Wetland has been serving New Orleans and the surrounding areas for over 70 years, with clients spanning across the globe. Our goal was to create a unique brand that communicated their rugged technology as well as their place as an industry leader. Our team created a bold and memorable logo mark that incorporates both the technology and the rugged nature of the amphibious equipment industry.

Benson Dermatology Project Thumbnail
Benson Dermatology Project by Legnd
ProjectBenson Dermatology

Benson Dermatology serves New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and the Northshore areas of Hammond, Mandeville, Covington, and Slidell, among others. Our goal was to establish a brand that represented the personal side of the business as well as the services they provide. We decided to incorporate a sun into the logo to represent one of their most important specialities-- skin cancer treatment. This warm color scheme also symbolizes the friendly & caring environment of the clinic.

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