Like any other marketing strategy, the goal of an SEO campaign is to put your brand in front of more people and, if done properly, the right people! As the Internet has grown, more and more people are using search engines to find products and services they are looking for. While this is a great opportunity for businesses to target and engage with their ideal customers, it is important to remember that all the website traffic and visits in the world won’t matter if your website isn’t designed with your ideal user in mind. Search Engine Optimizing a website that doesn’t convert leads into paying customers will leave you searching for the same thing…more paying customers.

The job of a web designer is often reduced to “prettifying” or making a website “aesthetically pleasing,” but great design is much more than that and will play a big role in determining whether the potential customer that finds his or her way to your website actually turns into a paying customer. With so many options available with the click of a mouse, consumers no longer have to settle for products and services, placing even more of an emphasis on the online experience your site delivers. With that in mind, I believe that great design doesn’t start in a sketchbook or in Photoshop, it starts with proper research and planning, which is why we adopt the saying in our office that “Process Makes Perfect.” Answering the right questions at the beginning of the project will go a long way to ensure the final product delivers what every client ultimately wants…more business!

The look and feel of your website should be geared towards the type of customer you are trying to attract. While this may sound obvious, it can very easily be overlooked in favor of the latest design trends or ignored due to time constraints. Customer demographics such as gender, age, income, education, mobility, location, etc. should all be taken into consideration during the design process and should guide your decisions regarding the proper use of color, typography, photography, calls to action, and structure. At the end of this process you should be left with a stunning website that displays information with a clear hierarchy that’s easy for your customers to digest. A well designed and optimized website will not guarantee you more business, but it will give you a much better chance at turning potential customers into paying customers.

Matt Vermeulen

Art Director, Graphic Designer and avid sports fan. When he’s not saving clients from brand inconsistencies or polishing a game-changing layout, he enjoys craft beer, catching up on tweets from LeBron James, and long humid walks with his dog (Boxer named ‘Dempsey’) on pot-hole ridden, New Orleans streets.

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