“Marketing transparency” is much more than a meme or a buzzword. With ethics in marketing and web design being scrutinized more now than ever before, brands and businesses need to be as transparent as possible about all that they do. 

However simple it might sound, maintaining a transparent marketing image doesn’t always come naturally, such as in the case of bigger companies with complex layers of employees. Understanding the meaning and importance of transparency in web design and marketing allows a company to harness the power of its brand and turn it into something special! 

What Is Transparency in Marketing and Web Design? 

Transparency in an organization is when it keeps an honest, open, and accessible communication like with both internal employees and external customers. When an organization or brand is transparent, it makes clear the business data, pricing, sources, and more.

Why Does Brand Trust Matter? 

A recent survey shows us that only 34% of customers claim to have trust in most of the brands they purchase. However, once trust is established, then the number of loyal, returning business more than doubles that. For brands that are seeking growth, goodwill and engagement with internal and external parties from each side enhances brand loyalty, increases revenues, and empowers employees to feel accountable for their actions. 

What Does Legnd Do to Be Transparent? 

At Legnd, transparency in marketing and web design is a commitment and a foundational value. It’s the sum of the whole, and the components are made up of day-to-day operations and steps such as:

1. Showing Our Pricing on Our Website

Many companies and brands are reluctant to divulge their pricing upfront as Legnd does. Many times, shady brands will show an advertisement saying one price point, only to have a bait-and-switch later on once the salespeople get involved. It’s a quick way to ruin trust early on, which is why it’s something we’ve avoided since day one. 

At Legnd, we understand the importance of working within someone’s budget. We commit to tight internal controls to make sure that every penny spent is accounted for with stellar work, whether that’s SEO, marketing, web design, and more.

2. Working Under Sprint Models

Legnd believes that it’s always best to keep clients well informed starting from the first day of our relationship. We keep everything timed, boxed, and all data understandable so that all parties can keep one another accountable.

With a philosophy of “overcommunication,” Legnd staff not only keeps one another on-task and informed all along the development pipeline but does so with efficiency. 

3. Sending Monthly Marketing Reports

Legnd doesn’t succeed unless you do. That’s why it’s important to provide transparent marketing reports every month to make sure that we’re on target for what’s trying to be accomplished. Some marketing and web design companies string their clients along, singing “all is well” while taking their cash as the traffic collapses or the backend malfunctions. 

Our business philosophy revolves around keeping clients informed through thick and thin, making known both progress or roadblocks along the way. Legnd always seeks honest feedback, as it’s the only way to truly know if we’re on the right track or if we need to course-correct.

A Brand You Can Trust

When a company is transparent, it cultivates trust. That applies not merely to its public face but also internally. Honest employers make for honest employees with happier days and higher productivity. Good communication and social communities create a culture of trust that forms a positive feedback loop of empowerment, motivation, and loyalty. 

Public marketing transparency directly increases public perception of a business, and it takes a level of self-awareness and effort to maintain that level of integrity. Although it takes a bit of extra labor to achieve, there’s no replacement for honestness and openness in business or in life. 

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