LeBlanc Dental

LeBlanc Dental Ranks #2 for Biological Dentist and Holistic Dentist in New Orleans

Residents of New Orleans deserve quality dental care, and now everyone knows where to go to get it. LeBlanc Dental has only been with Legnd for less than a year, and they currently rank in the number-two slot for “holistic dentist in New Orleans.” Congratulations to LeBlanc and our hard-working Design and SEO teams for such great results!

Garcia Roofing

Garcia Roofing is Ranking #1 for “Roofing Company New Orleans”

With so many repairs needed since Ida, there is a huge demand for quality roofing companies.

When the residents of New Orleans go to look up roofing companies on a search engine, they’ll find Garcia Roofing ranking as the top result for “roofing company New Orleans.” We hope that Garcia Roofing is ready for the influx of clients!

Bayou Cajun

Bayou Cajun Traffic Increased 100% from Last Year

When it comes to better rankings, we swat away the competition like they’re flies.

Bayou Cajun’s traffic has increased by over 100% from this time last year, vastly improving their Internet presence and exposing more clients to their valuable pest control services. Here’s to another year of great SEO!

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