Axe Throwing

Let Us Axe You A Question...

Have you ever been axe-throwing? Rob loves to travel with his family all around the USA and beyond. Most recently, our intrepid traveler ventured to Wisconsin to visit Legnd’s onboarding specialist, Morgan.

During the visit, they both went axe throwing for the very first time. Morgan scored many bullseyes, but Rob struggled to stick the axe to the board!


Not Just A Website... It's An Eversite!

Responses to our recent slew of Eversites have been overwhelmingly positive; we’re so grateful to everyone! To keep you all in the know, Eversite is a “website-as-a-service” subscription service where you only pay one monthly fee to keep your website flush with up-to-date content. Here are just two Eversites created recently by our talented team.

Glenn Harmon Ministries is a Catholic-oriented Eversite that focuses on the religious works of the finest Deacon in California. We’re pleased to have designed Glenn’s Eversite around his services of music, Catholic teaching, and prayer.

Legnd is also happy to show off our work done for Larry Taylor, Taylor Performance Coaching. Here’s hoping that our favorite performance coach is able to help his clients achieve even greater potential with his new site!

Congrats Max

Congrats To Max!

The contest results are in! Congratulations to Max Cusimano from NolaVid for the best guess on last month’s contest, “Who (On Legnd's Team) Is Phil’s Owner?”
Phil is a Miniature Dachshund who belongs to Morgan from Legnd’s onboarding team. Phil is allergic to grass, and in the Summer months, he has to wear a donut around his head to prevent him from licking himself too much. Now that it is fall, he has replaced his donut with a hotdog costume for Halloween!

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