Why Isn't My Website Ranking Yet? 

There’s a lot of effort that goes into developing and optimizing a website so that it ranks as one of Google’s page-one results. It’s no surprise that with so much TLC invested in the effort, people are anxious to see their results. They jump on Google, type in a few keywords they feel are relevant, and then...nothing. 

That’s because they might not be aware that reaching the top results in a Google search takes time, and it never happens overnight. This is especially true for smaller enterprises with an equally small or previously non-existent web presence. 

How Long Does it Take to Rank on Google?

According to Google itself, the average time it takes for a website to rank utilizing search engine optimization techniques is approximately three to six months. 

That entire 90 to 180 day period will largely depend on the effort put into the launch, the keywords and terms you’re trying to rank in, and the competitiveness for those amongst your competition. For some exceptionally competitive industries, a high ranking in Google search can take up to a year!

The folks at Legnd understand the grind, knowing just how to answer, “We put weeks of effort into building a custom site, so why isn’t my business ranking on Google?” 

The first step is taking a deep breath and not panicking. Creating a website that ranks on the first page of Google is like planting a seed in a garden and watching it grow. You can build the best garden beds, buy the best fertilizer, and plant during the perfect time of year, but there’s nothing that will make that seed fully mature in 24 hours. 

Much like planting the seed to get the most out of its growing efforts, your website needs to be watered with fresh SEO content and maintained diligently so that it keeps growing healthily. 

How Does Google Find My Website?

Google implements robots/bots/spiders to “crawl” through countless web pages and catalog what they collect for compiling into Google’s indexing. These “Googlebots” need to be able to first find your site to crawl its information. 

Google searchers are actually searching Google’s index, so there are multiple factors (more than 250 in fact) that the algorithm takes into consideration for matching queries and crawling. Some of the factors Google’s algorithm looks for include:

  • keywords
  • titles
  • content tags
  • links
  • headers
  • traffic
  • and more!

How Can I Improve My Website’s Ranking? 

Legnd has the secret formula of talent and experience to get your business or organization ranking high. The ranking process entails:

  •  Domain Age: a “new” site is one that’s six months old or less, and Google deems these websites not as trustworthy automatically when compared to legacy-ranked sites. Newer websites will indeed still rank, but they’re going to shoot higher faster after the six-month period.

  • SEO: search engine optimization guarantees that your business is visible to indexing programs such as Googlebots and other search engines. Good SEO is like a good SOS sign on a deserted island: you can’t miss it.

  • Keywords: phrases and words that are frequently searched are the most competitive, and legacy sites will have a good grip on them. Thankfully, a well-managed new site builds trust quickly, and before long can go toe-to-toe with even the oldest domains on Google and beyond!

  • Clean Domain: keyword stuffing, buying inbound links, and other schemes are quickly detected by Google’s advanced algorithm. The best web design and SEO companies never use such techniques to rank a business or organization, understanding that it will nullify all of the efforts put forward in the long run.

  • Content Quality: how often content is published and whether it’s original content or not will greatly impact how often Google’s spiders identify your website as having value to its index. Legnd helps you add new, vibrant content that’s always interesting and informative so that Googlebots elevate your search ranking as time progresses.

Legnd Gets Your Business on the First Page of Google Efficiently and Sustainably

An unmoving bow shoots two arrows approximately five degrees apart. As time progresses, the distance between the two arrows increases. The arrows travel on and on, one hitting the target while the other misses it entirely. That’s how ranking in Google works: sometimes even the smallest details make the biggest differences. 

Legnd knows how to build and rank a website; we’ve done it for countless clients already. Join the Legnd family and get your website ranking on page one by reaching out to us today!

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