7 Reasons Why Reviews are Important for Your Business 

With easy access to the Internet, people have radically altered the way they shop for practically everything. From digital services to homegoods, it’s incredibly uncommon for anyone to make a purchase without looking at least a few online reviews first. In a survey from 2016, over 90% of shoppers read at least one review before making their purchase. Even more important, 94% of online shoppers responded that negative reviews convinced them to not patronize a business. 

This means that no matter your industry, having a positive online review presence is essential and provides key advantages over the competition. Knowing why you need to get good reviews online for your brand will help you create a positive online presence and increase awareness of your brand. Here are a few reasons why your customers’ reviews for your brand are essential:

1) High Social Proof Means More Purchases

People are more likely to buy a product or service if they notice that others think it is a good idea to do so, even if the other people are strangers. Today, reviews are the biggest source of social proof, particularly online reviews since they have a clear impact on your bottom line. 

2) Reviews Make Your Business More Visible

Many shoppers will use search engines like Bing, Google, and even Facebook when searching for a good or service to buy. These search engines all possess their own special, oftentimes mysterious-seeming ways to index and show content. However, all algorithms favor fresh content, and online reviews can certainly help power the content machine, keeping your company or brand in a favorable light. 

3) Reviews Make You Look Trustworthy

A steady stream of positive reviews can carry your brand far. One of the more intriguing findings of digital marketing research revolves around just how much impact reviews have on building an online presence. Many shoppers don’t trust businesses that have ratings below four stars, leaving you with only a small margin of tolerance between being seen as trustworthy or not. Legnd’s services like ProReview will help keep you looking your best online so that you can convert your increased traffic into sales. 

4) Reviews Expand the Conversation About Your Brand

Reviews have a quick way of spreading, with some websites dedicated to cataloging reviews posted from other sites so as to streamline the customer research process. Hubs like FourSquare, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are essential to your online presence because as search engines rank web pages, hubs will allow them to cause a snowball effect when people search your brand. Popular services like ProReview will help you to maintain your high standing in review hubs and even increase your stars in the event you’re not already in a place you’d like to be. 

5) Reviews are Critical to Decisions

A brand that has been properly cultivated will be one that increases a company's online visibility, which today means encouraging several people to get the word out about you. ProReview is one such service that helps you to get positive reviews for your brand so that the two-thirds of shoppers looking for suggestions for what to buy online by using social media will see that you’re reputable. With Legnd’s help in creating a steady stream of positive online reviews, your company or organization is more likely to appear in front of customers who are making their next shopping decisions. 

6) Online Reviews Impact Sales

Legnd’s case studies tell this to be the reality: empirical data shows that reviews absolutely lead to increased sales. Online reviews for brands that are seen positively have better sales, but improving your online reviews with ProReview is even better because it increases your search engine optimization while also increasing your social proof. 

7) Reviews Give You a Line to Your Customer Base

As the Internet has grown and become more and more adopted, peoples’ expectations have changed such that they frequently expect companies and brands to respond to their online reviews and comments. These reviews, good or bad, give you a chance to reach out and touch customers after the sale with thanks, promotions, and corrections if needed. Most importantly, they give you a way to quickly address any negative experiences by nipping them in the bud, allowing your online review trajectory to continue uninterrupted upwards and positively. 

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