Do you know how many times your customers interact with your brand before making their first purchase? With each unnecessary gap, you’re losing conversion value. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s correct to treat visitors on their first interaction better than those on their third or fourth. After all, the customer journey is all about making the visitor into a loyal customer, not driving them into the arms of a competitor. This is where brand awareness and assisted conversions can come into play.

What Are the Stages of the Customer Journey?

Step 1: Building Brand Awareness

When someone interacts with your business for the first time, you begin building the framework of awareness. It’s quite possible that at this early stage, visitors don’t know about your brand very well or how you can address their pain points. You need to pique their interest here, where a conversion can be a repeat visit or an email subscription. Engaging, educational content and skilled copywriting inform and entertain users about the usefulness of your product or service. 

Step 2: Nurturing Conversions via Consideration

Those who are more cautious, they’ll be interested but perhaps not fully sold on your business just yet. This begins the assisted conversion process of nurturing, diving deeper into the potential customer’s problems and how you can address them. 

This is typically best broken down into a series of points that gathers information via progressive profiling. This can take the form of a sample, trial, or sneak-peek. Although it doesn’t need to be advanced to build brand awareness, it does need to be measurable in its metrics. Getting little wins through small buy-ins until the final conversion is achieved is a great way to garner customer commitment. 

Step 3: Decision Making

Once your lead makes it to the final stage, and they understand your product or service and how it addresses their needs, then it’s time to optimize your process for the sale. Don’t leave things to chance; a more personalized touch can make the difference at the finish line. 

Proactively reaching out to customers, such as jumping on-call as needed or sending an email to tackle last-minute objections they might bring up shows that you care. Customers who feel supported and that you won’t just disappear in the wind after purchasing will be more likely to buy. Developing brand awareness around stellar customer service is always smart.

What Step of the Customer Journey Are Your Users In?

When optimizing conversions on your website, ensuring that each stage is designed to maximize overall conversions is essential to long-term growth. However, miscalculating customers' expectations could leave them confused and even result in a longer path length to final conversion. Assisted conversions are all about moving customers from one step to the next. 

It can sometimes take customers several interactions to notice a brand in search results or spot an ad before a conversion happens. This is especially true for those who perform a lot of research before making their final decision regarding large-scale purchases. 

If they catch a Facebook ad for your business and find you near the top of Google’s search results, that helps establish your credibility. With the ever-expanding dataspace that is the internet, consumers have more quality resources than ever before when it comes to making purchasing decisions. 

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s incorrect to swing for the fences during every interaction. The more interactions that are required, the lower the conversion value and the total number of conversions are. However, this is not perfectly linear; there is a steep drop in value for each additional interaction. 

Tired of guessing at the best course of action to build brand awareness and increase conversions? Don’t wait until your interactions per conversion spiral out of control. Reach out to Legnd’s talented web marketing staff today to learn more about how you can start making customers out of your website’s visitors today! 

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