It almost seems natural: you’re paying for results, so you Google yourself to see how your Internet presence has improved. Then you do it again. And again. And again…

There are actually multiple negative effects from this self-Googling habit that actually serve to lower your search engine rankings. Rather than wondering how it’s possible to wreck all of that hard work that’s being put into your SEO, take a look at this list of six reasons why you should stop Googling your business: 

1) Search Results Vary from Person to Person

Each person typically sees different results when they Google the same thing. This is because Google takes into account each googler's personal search history, location, and other metrics in order to determine which results they are delivering. Therefore, it's impossible to compare or predict with perfect accuracy the results that your ideal customer would see when compared with your own searching of the same keywords or phrases. 

2) Local Searching Skews Results

More often than not, your search results will show businesses that are physically closer to you and place them at a higher position on your results list; this is doubly applicable if you're Googling on a mobile device. Googling yourself on your cell phone will certainly skew your results and present you with a false sense of where you really rank compared to your competition.

3) It Takes Time to See Real Results

Just like accruing interest and reinvesting it to compound the returns, SEO is a process that exponentially delivers rewards over time, especially organic SEO. Google’s algorithm changes daily, sometimes multiple times, which means that careful long-term tracking with specific means is critical to better search engine optimization. The more organic content you have working in synergy with your other forms of advertising, the better Google will rank you over time. 

4) You’ll Worsen Your Own Rankings

It seems improbable, but it’s 100% true. When you Google yourself to quickly see your results but then navigate away to check out a competitor, you’re telling Google that your business isn’t as relevant as theirs by the very nature of your quick departure from the search results. Over time, this will teach Google to put you lower on the totem pole, meaning that you’ve just helped your competition edge you out for free!

5) There are Key Differences Between Long-Tail and Single Keywords

We’re willing to wager that your search terms don’t always align with the varied language nuances that your customers use; there’s too much vagueness in the average searcher’s query. Phrases, which are known as long-tail keywords, are what people typically enter into search engines. These unique search terms might seem esoteric, even random to you, but to an experienced SEO company, Legnd has the tech and the experience needed to make the most out of even the most Byzantine of phrasing to get your customers to your website.  

6) Google Learns Context 

With each new search that’s done, long-form and single keywords entered into the search engine will slowly teach the AI behind it. If you Google a keyword that’s important to your business but then doesn’t click on it and/or all of the relevant pages and remains on them or interacts with them positively, you’re telling Google that your website and the specific pages the keywords target are irrelevant. Rather than tempt fate or stress about how you should interact with your own footprint, it’s better to stop Googling yourself and leave the SEO to the pros. 

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