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In any discussion relating to content quality vs. content quantity, it is important to remember that all content must be quality content! There is no need to publish anything that is sub-par in the quality department as it can diminish the value of your overall brand. With that said, let's take a moment to delve deeper into this question that seems to be a flashpoint for so many digital marketers.

Quality Of Content

As content creators, it is essential to provide clients with top-quality prose that gets results. Before crafting content, determine the desired outcome- is it simply more traffic to a site, or something more granular, like attracting a certain demographic to your product page? Utilizing trusted sources via hyperlinks and collaboration can help carve out a niche for your business, no matter the size. Think shareable, social media-friendly, and truly useful when measuring the quality level you want to achieve for your content.

Quantity of Content

You probably feel a little like Goldilocks when trying to determine the right amount of content for your site- you don't want too much, or too little, but how do you get it just right? The right posting level contains a high signal to noise ratio and content is not there just for the sake of filling up the page. Use your posts to create an authoritative voice that provides value to readers, and have a purpose for each article. If the content doesn't answer a concrete need of the reader, it might just be better not to post it at all.

The most definitive answer to this quandary lies in analytics: once you have determined the content type and frequency of posting that brings the results you want, the next step is to fine-tune your campaigns.

Constant evaluation of your results will ensure that your efforts are effective and continuously strengthen your brand. Whenever you are considering quality over quantity when creating content, always have the readers' needs top of mind while focusing on your desired results.

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Ashley Cormier
Search marketing mastermind, data junkie, and avid home baker, Ashley currently works as Search Marketing Director at Legnd. Starting out as a teacher, she developed a particular interest in marketing, SEO, and front-end development, and never looked back! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling.

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