If you follow successful businesses online, you are probably aware that most, if not all, are big fans of blogging! There is little that can rival the cost-benefit of using your blog to connect with customers, and you'll love the way that your blog is integrated into your overall client experience. We like to look at our blog as multi-purpose, and in addition to the awesome customer-facing aspect, we especially love the way it contributes to our digital marketing bottom line. Follow these simple and straightforward tips and watch your SEO results improve.


We are firm believers in using our content across multiple platforms and utilize our blog content to populate our Social Media. When you are looking to drive traffic to your site, an image and snippet from your blog post is the right way to go.


Don't look at your blog as a static entity like your webpages. This part of your online presence requires current and relevant content that is updated on a regular basis. Fresh content, or the lack thereof, can have a massive effect on your rankings!


Linking to reputable sites is a great way to increase your audience and also expand your audience. This industry study shows how positive outgoing links can affect SEO. Now, think about the impact when another site is using you as a reputable source. Guest posting and collaboration are a great way to increase your scope of reach while also giving your SEO a boost.


Did you know that each and every blog post that you publish counts as an additional site page to Google? Amazing, right? Use this knowledge to boost your online presence by publishing blog content that matters. Your Google Index only needs a minimum 300 words and some good quality content to benefit your overall ranking.

The days of stuffing keywords are long gone, and keyword phrases are much more effective. Consider the question that your customer may have and create a post that provides that information. In the end, providing quality content that provides value to your readers is the best way to win the SEO game.

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Brent Pepitone

Lead Developer, SEO Guru, and master of the well-timed animated gif. Renowned for his programming efficiency, we use the same speed timer to measure Brent’s programming as we do the page-load speed of our websites. He’s such the master of efficiency that after a daughter, he and his wife had twin sons. When he’s not up late beating an aggressive deadline Brent can be found cooking and enjoying craft beer.

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