Templates vs. Custom-Built Websites

When you decide to move forward with your new website, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to use a website template or opt for a custom-built website. Though the differences might seem obvious at first glance, things get quite more nuanced when considering budget, time, and design goals. 

Using a Website Template

The most common way that most websites get started on the Internet is with the help of a website template. Various companies offer web templates that serve a broad range of popular organizational formats that keep a business looking smart. These built-in features, while allowing for easier and smoother customization out of the box, can hamper loading speed and SEO performance if not carefully managed.  

Typically, a website template will allow you to easily edit your website within a frame that allows your content to get online quickly and easily. However, more complex features and customizations are typically limited due to their greater scope. The most commonly limited features entail forms of e-commerce and their related functions. Therefore, it’s important to consider who will be managing your website and the overall goal of the business or organization. 

Things to Consider When Using a Website Template

  • several other companies can use a similar template

  • customization is simplified but limited

  • SEO and loading speeds will need to be optimized

  • custom technologies are limited because of the template’s structured system

  • templates cost less than custom websites

  • websites made with templates have a shorter development time, getting your brand on the Internet faster

Opting for a Custom Website

When you get a custom website, you’ll know that a full team of dedicated professionals put their best efforts into making something truly unique for your business or organization. Once the team understands your goals and your target audience, they’ll start to construct the roadmap for how to best highlight your Internet presence to the right people. 

Search engine optimization plays a critical role in the discovery of any website on all search engines. Since custom websites have more effort behind them than template sites, SEO is tailored more than usual to help the site rank higher quicker after launching. However, this will lead to a longer development time as the right keyword content is tweaked for maximal results. 

Things to Consider when Getting a Custom Website

  • your website will be truly unique

  • customization is emphasized but can result in a longer time until launch

  • SEO and loading speeds are typically more optimized

  • custom technologies can be better implemented

  • more expensive than templates

  • longer development time means a longer wait until launch

  • some businesses don’t require a custom website depending on their needs and goals

Legnd Helps You Choose Between Templates and Custom Websites

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