“The attention that they give us as clients make us feel like we are one out of 100.” Cristina at New Orleans School of Cooking
The Project

Starting From

When New Orleans School of Cooking came to us, they were looking for a total overhaul of their brand. A new logo for use across branded items (signs, aprons, product labels, etc.), and a new website to show off their brand while promoting the systems that generate revenue (booking engine and shopping cart). All of this was accomplished, while building a clean, seamless user experience for their site visitors.

What We Did:

Branding, Web Design, Responsive Development, Third-party Integration

See it in action

The Rebranding

A Fresh Look

Before we designed the website, we needed to start with the company’s logo, which was in need of updating. Our goal was to deliver a more modern logo, while still staying true to the original brand.

Web Design

Our Vision

With a business centered around a fun time and delicious food, we knew the best way to engage web users was to show them first-hand what the experience would be like. High-quality pictures and videos would engage and excite the user, making them want to be a part of the NOSOC experience. One of our primary focuses was to create the video loop on the homepage to draw visitors in and convince them that visiting NOSOC is a can’t-miss!

Responsive Matters

Mobile Is On
The Rise

With mobile and tablet users now outnumbering desktop computer users, keeping the look and flow of the site consistent across different devices was imperative to the user experience. Careful planning ensures that user has a great experience, no matter what type of device they are using.

Hand Illustrations

Visual Elements

To bring out the more rustic element of cooking while adding texture and depth to the site, we included hand-drawings of ingredients common to New Orleans cooking. Now, if you’ll please excuse us, we’re getting a little hungry…

Booking Integration

Realtime Booking

One thing that made this project unique was creating a seamless integration with their third party booking system. This meant designing and programming a flexible interface to make the booking process simple and exciting for users.