These days it feels like Facebook is a part of every aspect of our lives, and more people are turning to the platform to learn about products and services that have caught their eye. If you don't have a Facebook page for your business, you are truly missing out, and you need to correct this oversight ASAP!

Now, assuming that readers of this post are indeed on FB and other Social Media, but aren't realizing its full potential, let's shift the discussion to why it's a great idea to post content on Facebook and other platforms. The main reason that we love Facebook, and Social Media in general, is the organic nature of your interaction with customers.

When a customer comes to your FB page to check out hours of operation, or to find out more about a specific product, the potential for positive outcomes is limitless. They may find out more about a service that didn't know you offered, or they may even share a link to their friends driving even more traffic and interest to your business. And, social media posts have the added benefit of easy sharability and a much higher likelihood of going viral.

Most everyone is on at least one of the popular platforms, from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn; why wouldn't you also have a presence on the sites that make sense for your business? In today’s ultra-competitive environment, a stellar website just isn't enough, even if you have a robust and engaging blog.

We have found that fresh content delivered to your followers' feeds is an easy and effective way to stay relevant, especially when said content is useful and provides a clear benefit to your customers. Digital marketing is all about reaching your customers in an effective and seamless manner that allows you to sell your product or service, without blatantly selling your product or service.

Want to know which SM platform best suits your needs? Give us a shout, and let us help you maximize your marketing efforts!

Ashley Cormier
Search marketing mastermind, data junkie, and avid home baker, Ashley currently works as Search Marketing Director at Legnd. Starting out as a teacher, she developed a particular interest in marketing, SEO, and front-end development, and never looked back! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling.

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