Meet Alyssa & Megan

We are thrilled to welcome two new additions to our team! At Legnd our focus is always on creative solutions for our clients. That starts with bringing in the most creative talent around! Both Alyssa and Megan are skilled designers who are able to translate a brand message into artistic expression.


Alyssa holds a Master’s degree in Business Management with a Marketing & Graphic Design background. As a Project Manager & Graphic Designer at Legnd she enhances the clients branding and online presence, often bringing a website from concept to completion.

She is also referred to as the office espresso connoisseur, devoting the start of the day to brewing the perfect cup (we won’t mention the time she burned her finger terribly, ouch!). She looks forward to creating close client relationships and making the world a prettier place, one graphic at a time.


Our newest team member, Megan, joined our Design Team a little over three weeks ago. With a (very impressive) background in branding and illustration, she is graduating with a BA in Graphic Design from Southeastern Louisiana this fall. As a Graphic Designer, she will be creating all the aspects of a brand from logo to web design. “My favorite part of design is being able to help a client bring their vision to life. I love seeing my designs printed and used in real life. I am very happy to be working with a team that is always striving to be the best at what they do!”

Joe Benson

Leader of the nerd army and “design team member” honorable mention. Avid sports fan, proud father, and lucky husband. Often solves programming problems while sleeping (true story). Snacks as if the world is ending tomorrow, but hasn’t gained a pound since high school. Worked out, once.

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