Here at Legnd, we think that it's vital to exceed our clients' expectations while blowing the competition out of the water. This Valentine's Day, our team is feeling the love; it's hard not to when you work at a place as amazing as Legnd!

Sharp people working in a collaborative environment are virtually unstoppable, and we work together to provide our clients with an experience and end-product that knocks their socks off. Luckily, it's not all work, there's a ton of play too!

There's a lot to love at Legnd HQ: ping pong, a pantry full of yummy snacks, unlimited coffee, a beer fridge, bowling and golf outings, and lots of laughs! Our team feels more like one big happy family than work colleagues. In the spirit of V-Day love, here's a little more of the backstory of how we bring the Legnd experience to life.

Legnd Love

Step 1: Love what you do - our clients are awesome, and so are the super cool projects that we get to work on with them.

Step 2: Work with awesome people - our team is focused on working together to delight our clients, and we love to have some fun along the way!

Step 3: Serve the world's best clients - the best part of the Legnd experience is working with amazing clients. Trust us, delivering fantastic work is a lot easier when you believe in what your clients are doing.

Every day at Legnd is filled with love, and some ridiculously competitive ping pong matches! If you seek a web development and digital marketing firm that will put your satisfaction at the top of their list, you can stop looking, you've found us! Our first priority is helping our clients get the results they need to get to, and stay at, the top of their industries. As much as we love to have fun, we take our jobs and our clients' needs very seriously. And who says you can't be serious while showing your teammates how ping pong is really played?

This Valentine's Day, the team at Legnd will be doing what we do best— producing kick-a** work for our clients and loving every minute of it!

Ashley Cormier
Search marketing mastermind, data junkie, and avid home baker, Ashley currently works as Search Marketing Director at Legnd. Starting out as a teacher, she developed a particular interest in marketing, SEO, and front-end development, and never looked back! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling.

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