IIEX 2019

A friend and mentor suggested I attend the IIEX conference after giving him a demo of web application that we’ve developed to solve a problem in our world of branding and logo design. Conferences I’ve attended in the past have been focused heavily on networking or education, but IIEX was a well-balanced mix of both. I didn’t know what to expect upon attending, but couldn’t have been more surprised by the quality of speakers and openness of the insights community.

The conference was previously held in Atlanta I believe, and this was the first year holding the event in Austin. The breakout sessions were packed with experienced speakers with quality content. Some of my favorites were: ‘Start Up, Fund Less’ where Dan Dillard of FoundingAUSTIN hosted a panel to explain three very different options for start up funding. “Embracing Startup Culture: How DIY Methods Transform How We Grow and Innovate” with Morgan Molnar of SurveyMonkey. “3 Ways You Can Leverage the Power of Podcasts” with Jamin Brazil of Happy Market Research. “Help Me Help You: Inclusive Usage Collection for True Usage Insight” by Joe Belechak of Adrich. And so many other fun, informative and immediately relevant sessions.

Everyone we met with, whether at a booth or in passing, without exception couldn’t have been more inquisitive and helpful. Invariably we would approach a booth at random and open with, ‘We’re here trying to learn about the industry and make connections…” They gave us plenty of time for such a busy conference and we couldn’t have appreciated it more. We made so many great connections and left with so much encouragement that I would like to give a public ‘thank you’ (my apologies to all those I am leaving out for the sake of brevity) to Simon, Neil, Cory, and Andrew at Lucid, Dennis and Sean from Dynata, Jamin from Happy Market Research, and Peter, Bob and Ivy from SuveyMonkey.

To anyone near this space and or even thinking about entering into the Insights community, you’re not going to get a better and more welcoming introduction that at IIEX. I’ll be back!

Rob Benson

Fearless Leader, Strategist and all-around Legnd cheerleader #loveyourteam. He enjoys helping people win, a good doubles match in just about anything, and playing practical jokes on his co-workers (just ask Matt about the cat in the ceiling). He is our reigning stand-desk champion. The ‘idea’ of working out and eating well really appeals to him. Family is the most important thing to him, and he’s got so many children that he and his lovely bride announce when they’re not pregnant.

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