You want to be more noticed on Google, right? You probably did a quick search, such as "[City Name] seo", and started contacting a couple SEO firms that is ranked at the top thinking they must be good at what they do. Many of these companies might tell you the same thing; they promise to get you on the first page of Google™. This is the wrong answer.


Really good SEO companies don't make good websites.
While most of the time this is true, companies like ours are considered an "all-in-one package." Meaning, we are a design, development, copyrighting, marketing and SEO company. Why? There are so many pieces to the SEO puzzle that each service we offer are an integral part of the SEO process.

The "SEO company" for you might not actually be much of a company.
As the phrase goes, "bigger is not always better." Having a small team work on your project is typically the best option as they are hard-working, dedicated individuals that won't take "no" for an answer.

There are so many pieces to the SEO puzzle that each service we offer are an integral part of the SEO process.

All SEO companies are scams.
It's not fair that the SEO profession be maligned because 95% of bad apples. Of course, you should be careful about the company you wish to hire, because so many people waste their money and realize it too far down the road. We've been told by a few clients that they have gone with us just because we "answered the phone!" So what does that tell you?


Do some research.
Start by searching around on Google for local companies. Look around at your competitors to see what they are doing and develop a plan of attack (website redesign, areas of focus, etc). Write down questions and concerns to ask the SEO firm(s) you contact.

Get coffee.
Schedule a meeting with some of the local companies you found. Ask them all the questions you have. Tell them all of your concerns. Make notes about what they say.

Ask for case studies.
The most important question you want to have answered is whether they are going to get the job done. Ask for case studies, references, testimonials -- anything and everything. Ask about case studies within your industry to see if they have had any success. This could be a good indicator of a starting point for your decision.

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Lead Developer, SEO Guru, and master of the well-timed animated gif. Renowned for his programming efficiency, we use the same speed timer to measure Brent’s programming as we do the page-load speed of our websites. He’s such the master of efficiency that after a daughter, he and his wife had twin sons. When he’s not up late beating an aggressive deadline Brent can be found cooking and enjoying craft beer.

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