The Coronavirus pandemic is completely altering the consumer model as more and more people stay home in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus. During this tumultuous time, it's now more important than ever to have a strong digital marketing strategy as well as a robust online presence. There’s no question that this health event has turned the internet into a vital tool. 

Now more than ever, an online presence is of key importance

Consumers may be staying at home, but they haven't stopped shopping. And if you provide a service or goods, now is a great time to gain more attention through your digital marketing efforts. It's amazing how much more time people are spending on the internet in order to feel connected, and this reality can be a good opportunity to fine-tune your online presence and make some impactful changes.

If your digital marketing and online brand-building have taken a back seat to other concerns in recent months, this quiet period is the perfect time to ramp-up your efforts in this area. This moment is filled with challenges for everyone, but it is also providing many businesses the time and space to focus on some aspects of their business that have been overlooked.

With a strong online profile, you can continue to build your market even as the outside world slows down. By taking the time now to review and refresh your digital strategy, you will also be better positioned for success when we all get back to work.

Legnd is here to help in any way that we can. We are the experts when it comes to building a robust and effective online presence, and we can help you too! 

Matt Vermeulen

Art Director, Graphic Designer and avid sports fan. When he’s not saving clients from brand inconsistencies or polishing a game-changing layout, he enjoys craft beer, catching up on tweets from LeBron James, and long humid walks with his dog (Boxer named ‘Dempsey’) on pot-hole ridden, New Orleans streets.

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