I would be afraid to go back and do the math, but when we launched our new Legnd website we probably spent more time on the 'Our Work' page than all the other pages combined. It wasn't enough for us just to provide a list of our clients websites. We did what we always do; we took it to the nth degree. Not because we planned to, but simply because that's who we are.

We took it as an opportunity to tell our clients' stories on our own website after already telling their stories on their own websites. And we didn't use the space to describe each project in painstaking, technical detail. Instead we described what made each of them so unique. I'm not sure that was the original intent, but that was the end result. It makes sense I think because that's what we do everyday and it comes very natural to us. Now the most surprising part of this whole website relaunch was not what we wrote but what our friends wrote. We simply asked a few of our clients for a sentence or two that we could use on our new website. The result was amazing, first-hand testimony and a very humbling experience for our whole team. It was a fresh reminder of why we wake up everyday. Sure we expected to get comments like 'Our new website looks great,' and 'Legnd's SEO really works,' but we never expected to see phrases like, "guardian angels" and "best friends."

We did what we always do; we took it to the nth degree.
Everyone in our entire company was humbled as we read each one aloud. It was a reminder that amazing things can happen when you take something personally. I know we've thanked each one of our clients individually and profusely for their personal contribution to our website, but I would like to take the opportunity here to thank them all not just for their business, but for their friendship and vote of confidence in Legnd. So perhaps this is a warning to anyone considering giving us a call for the first time, you may be looking for web design and SEO and end up with much more than you expected.

Rob Benson

Fearless Leader, Strategist and all-around Legnd cheerleader #loveyourteam. He enjoys helping people win, a good doubles match in just about anything, and playing practical jokes on his co-workers (just ask Matt about the cat in the ceiling). He is our reigning stand-desk champion. The ‘idea’ of working out and eating well really appeals to him. Family is the most important thing to him, and he’s got so many children that he and his lovely bride announce when they’re not pregnant.

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