2021 has been a year of many new challenges, goals, and opportunities. Our staff is always up to any challenge that comes our way, but we are up to finding new ways to improve our skills so we can achieve more for our clients. Learn about what we have done in the last few months of the summer!

We Upped Our SEO Game For You!

In the middle of July, our talented staff honed their skills at Mozcon, an event dedicated to improving SEO and web design performance. Our very own Jason Funk was featured via a key app he’d developed from the ground up. We’re thankful to have his talents in Legnd’s toolbox.

+260% Traffic Increase

Martin Pitts Construction has gone from zero to sixty faster than we’ve ever seen by combining SEO and paid marketing! Added to the Legnd family this year, the company’s traffic has seen an increase of 262% in less than three months. Welcome to the team!

From Texas to Nationwide!

Top Gun Security's online security guard training classes are so full, that his academy requires expanding. Thanks to Legnd’s tried-and-true SEO and PPC efforts, we’re able to work on the nation-wide academy project as his next step. Congratulations!

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