Companies require SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure their websites are seen and this is leading to more companies adopting methods inspired by the business start up process. No matter what the size of a company, these types of methods can be very beneficial. These methods are fairly easy to implement.

1. Stay away from link bait

Most people who use the Internet have seen link bait in the form of stories "from around the Web" that are featured as links on sites with a lot of traffic, particularly news sites. These articles are typically written in a formulaic manner. The quality of these articles are low enough to undermine that credibility of a site.

2. Social media is your friend

Don't listen to the naysayers who say that you don't need a viable social media presence. The largest social sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have a major impact on how well a site ranks in the listings. These help create a sense of community that helps more people embrace the brand. Social media posts are more likely to attract the attention of potential customers when they show up in search results.

"Sites that load quickly and have great content produce much better results."

3. Make sure customers have a great experience

One of the main SEO (search engine optimization) goals is not only attracting potential customers, but retaining them through a good user experience. Your site needs to be better than others in its class, not merely as good as them. Sites that load quickly and have great content produce much better results. Although it may seem like a controversial method, many experts recommend building your site as though none of today's major search sites existed. This encourages building and maintaining a site that's designed for users, not for robots.

4. Use keywords responsibly

Good SEO (search engine optimization) practices include using a careful structure to ensure that primary keywords are used on main pages, while secondary keywords are used on secondary pages. One example includes sites that base their main pages on a primary keyword like “carpet cleaning” and have secondary pages for “carpet cleaning Los Angeles or “carpet cleaning Orange County”. Placing all of the keywords on the home page is one of the methods that will cause a site to be ranked low.

5. Allow flexibility in making changes

Although major changes should obviously go through company owners or managers, requiring SEO professionals to have to get permission for even the smallest changes can make it harder to implement them. Instead, trust in their ability to make the right changes.

Ashley Cormier
Ashley currently works as a Search Specialist at Legnd. Starting out as a teacher, she developed a particular interest in marketing, SEO, and front-end development, and never looked back! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling with her husband, Garret.