Legnd 'What's Good" Newsletter: Legnd's Inc. 5000 Triumph!

We're ecstatic to share that Legnd’s Eversite has landed on the Inc. 5000 list, marking us as one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the United States!

Advantages of Local SEO for Small Businesses

Local SEO is a specialized form of SEO that focuses on improving a website's visibility for searches that include keywords based on your location. For small businesses, local SEO can provide a competitive advantage that helps them connect with potential customers in their local area.

Introducing Eversite

Eversite makes the one-of-a-kind website creation process fast, easy, and exciting. You can have a unique website that’s tailored to your specific industry and tastes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional web design project thanks to our personalized design and content update service.

December "What's Good" Newsletter: At Legnd, we never run out of Hot Cocoa

As 2022 comes to an end, See what the crew of Legnd has been up to and check out more from our "What's Good" Newsletter!

November "What's Good" Newsletter: TikTok and a New Team Member

Legnd and our clients have been up to a lot this last month. Learn more in our November Newsletter!

What is Domain Authority and Why is It Important?

Domain Authority is reflective of how you’re performing in the race for the best positions in search engine results.

September 2022 Newsletter: Summer May be Winding Down, but Legnd is Not!

Learn about the achievements of Legnd and the seo team in our September newsletter.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Google Searching Your Business

There are actually multiple negative effects from this self-Googling habit that actually serve to lower your search engine rankings.

Best Practices for Images on a Website

When looking to highlight your content’s visibility, it’s critical to consider the importance of the images on your website.


Difference between a Template Site and Custom Site?

When you decide to move forward with your new website, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to use a website template or opt for a custom-built website.

August 2022 Newsletter: New Team Member, New Rankings, Same Legnd

Find out what the Legnd team and our clients have been up to with our August newsletter.

7 Reasons Why Reviews are Important for Your Business

Knowing why you need to get good reviews online for your brand will help you create a positive online presence and increase awareness of your brand.

The Best Marketing Mix for a Small Business

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best strategies for growing your business via different means of getting yourself noticed on the web.

Legnd awarded Best Digital Marketing Agency in Fort Worth

Legnd is happy to announce that we’ve been selected as the Best Digital Marketing Company in Fort Worth in 2022!

December 2021 Newsletter: 3 New Awards, 2 New States, & A Partridge In A Pair Tree!

As the year comes to a close, We want to go over a few things going on with the Legnd team and clients before bringing in the New Year!

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A Look Into How Kids Search Online

Being the best website marketing service means that it’s essential to understand how to make your clients stand out in algorithms. This entails understanding how searchers behave, from oldest to youngest.

October 2021 Newsletter: Axe Throwing, Eversites, & Phil

See the latest news from the Legnd team and learn about our online services!

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Why Isn't My Website Ranking Yet?

There’s a lot of effort that goes into developing and optimizing a website so that it ranks as one of Google’s page-one results.

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Organic vs. Paid Search Marketing: What's The Difference?

In a word, the difference between paid and organic search marketing is the cost. Paid search concentrates on paid rankings in search results, while organic search concentrates on unpaid rankings.

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Brand Awareness, Assisted Conversions, and the Customer Journey

Do you know how many times your customers interact with your brand before making their first purchase? With each unnecessary gap, you’re losing conversion value.

August 2021 Newsletter: Mozcon and Clients Wins

Legnd has accomplished much in July and August 2021 and we are happy to share what we have been up to!

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Legnd awarded Best Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas

Legnd is proud to announce that we’ve been chosen as the Best Digital Marketing Company in Dallas in 2021!

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Why Transparency Matters in Web Design and Marketing

“Marketing transparency” is much more than a meme or a buzzword. With ethics in marketing and web design being scrutinized more now than ever before, brands and businesses need to be as transparent as possible about all that they do.


Legnd awarded Best Web Design Company 2021

Legnd is proud to announce that we’ve been selected as the Best Web Design Company from over 250 competitors.

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Tracking Data with Google Analytics 4

With the newest version of Google Analytics being released, known as “GA4” for short, the long-serving Universal Analytics property has been replaced. What do we see in the tea leaves? Let’s dive in and find out!

Legnd Awarded Best Web Design Company in Houston

Through hard work and dedication to our clients, Legnd has been named as one of the best web design firms in Houston, Texas by

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On-page vs. Off-page SEO: What's the Difference?

The search engine optimization strategy of any business, organization, or individual can be separated into two segments: on-page and off-page SEO. Each is essential to the ongoing success of an optimization campaign, but they behave as two different beasts.

Employee Spotlight - Meet Michelle

For the April edition of Legnd's “Employee Spotlight,'' meet our digital advertising manager, Michelle Sliger.

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What is Influencer Marketing and Why it's Needed?

Roughly ten years ago, the influencer marketing space was restricted to only dedicated bloggers and celebrities. In the present, it seems like there is an influencer around every corner of your next click on a link. If you're trying to decide if influencer marketing is right for you, then Legnd has the facts to back you up!


Legnd Awarded Best Web Design Company in Dallas

Legnd was ranked among the most trusted agencies to design and build professional websites by

Employee Spotlight - Meet Karrie

This month’s edition of Legnd's “Employee Spotlight'' introduces one of our most beloved employees, Karrie.

Legnd Culture

Employee Spotlight - Meet Alyssa

For this month's Legnd "Employee Spotlight" blog, we want you to meet Alyssa Arceneaux, our project manager/graphic designer.

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Legnd awarded Best SEO Firm in Dallas by, a leading independent review website for small business online tools, products, and services, has named Legnd to its list of best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms in Dallas.

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How will Holiday Shopping be Different this Year?

There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered when it comes to the long-term effects of the coronavirus. One main area of uncertainty is the retail sector. Google, through IPSOS, polled 1,000 consumers per area and discovered that a full half of the respondents do believe that the pandemic will affect their 2020 holiday shopping.

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Does your Page Speed Measure up?

Many web creators throw around a lot of SEO buzzwords and talk about boosting rankings, but how often do they get into specifics? Here at Legnd, we dig deep. We know what it takes to achieve and maintain a great ranking, and we use this knowledge to give our clients rock star results!


Chatbots: Are They a Good Idea?

Recently, you may be noticing that a lot more small and medium-sized companies are employing this AI tool on their sites as well. A chatbot can help decrease shopping cart abandonment, and make it easier for consumers to get important info that may lead to a sale.

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Why online reviews are more important now than ever

Here at Legnd, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the insights and knowledge they need to succeed in today's uncertain times. One area that is of keen focus, is online reviews.

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Are you ready for Google's new algorithm update

We all know how important it is to achieve and maintain high Google rankings. And with the new algorithm update scheduled for a 2021 roll-out, companies are already fine-tuning their web strategies.

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Post-Coronavirus - Growing your business

As the world adapts to the changes brought on by the coronavirus, businesses are turning an eye to the future. At some point, things will get back to normal (even if it is a NEW normal), and the businesses that are able to adapt and adjust will likely succeed while others struggle.

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Marketing Your Business During a Pandemic

The overall COVID-19 pandemic experience has been one of contrasts. Some areas have been hit hard, while others appear to be minimally impacted. The same is true of businesses.

Coronavirus and the importance of an online presence

The Coronavirus pandemic is completely altering the consumer model as more and more people stay home in order to help stop the spread of coronavirus. During this tumultuous time, it's now more important than ever to have a strong digital marketing strategy as well as a robust online presence. There’s no question that this health event has turned the internet into a vital tool.

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Managing a business with a remote workforce

Managing a business with a remote workforce (lots of zoom calls, being flexible with kids home, keeping clients businesses first when they need it most.)

Love Where you Work

Here at Legnd, we think that it's vital to exceed our clients' expectations while blowing the competition out of the water. This Valentine's Day, our team is feeling the love; it's hard not to when you work at a place as amazing as Legnd!

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5 Questions Before Picking A New Web Design Company

The reason we know internet marketing, web design, and branding can be such a nightmare is because for almost two decades we’ve been been inheriting nightmare scenarios from new clients.

Internet Marketing, Business

Is your marketing plan ready for 2020?

Digital marketing often feels like balancing a bunch of spinning plates overhead- you are able to keep everything from crashing down around you, as long as you keep moving a mile a minute.

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What We Learned at Emerge Summit 2019

Staying in touch with current trends in marketing and business is important to us, not only for our clients, but also for our personal development. We recently attended Emerge Summit hosted by Greater New Orleans, Inc. and the Spears Group.

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If you are not using Google Ads, you are missing out

Sometimes tactics that are considered old-school achieve that designation because they work and people continue to use them.

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Legnd: Leader in Web Design & Digital Marketing

Legnd is proud to be recognized for our hard work over the past 15 years. As a data-driven business resource, Clutch uses verified client reviews to create a B2B platform.

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Legnd: Voted Top National & Local Web Design & Internet Marketing

The whole team at Legnd is so excited to have been selected by UpCity as a Local Excellence Award winner! UpCity is the leading online Marketplace that connects businesses with trusted web designers and Internet marketers. Recipients of this award are selected based on credibility, reviews, and reputation based on a multitude of digital signals. Many thanks to all of our local clients that took the time to share their experiences which led to this special recognition!

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Legnd: Top 1% Internet Marketing Agency in America

UpCity uses a sophisticated scoring mechanism that weighs heavily on verifiable customer reviews and we couldn’t be more pleased to make into the Top 1% in the U.S.


Say Hello to our New Team Members!

We are thrilled to welcome two new additions to our team! At Legnd our focus is always on creative solutions for our clients. That starts with bringing in the most creative talent around! Both Alyssa and Megan are skilled designers who are able to translate a brand message into artistic expression.


First IIEX Conference (2019)

A friend and mentor suggested I attend the IIEX conference after giving him a demo of web application that we’ve developed to solve a problem in our world of branding and logo design.

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Quality of Content vs. Quantity of Content

In any discussion relating to content quality vs. content quantity, it is important to remember that all content must be quality content!

Internet Marketing

Why post content to Facebook?

These days it feels like Facebook is a part of every aspect of our lives, and more people are turning to the platform to learn about products and services that have caught their eye.


Why you Need Professional Photography

As our digital world becomes smaller, standing out in a crowded field can often feel like an impossible task. In our own experience and that of our clients, we have found that highlighting an amazing team is often the best way to get noticed.

Internet Marketing

Is Blogging Good For SEO?

If you follow successful businesses online, you are probably aware that most, if not all, are big fans of blogging!

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5 Practical Ways to Pull Off Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is achievable with nearly any marketing budget, and isn’t exclusive to companies who can pull off complex marketing campaigns with multi-million dollar marketing investments.



Before jumping into the design we wanted to take the time to focus on our main messages and what types of pages and content needed to be present to support them. We spent a lot of time coming up with the service pages, case study pages, and other pages of the site we wanted to include.


5 Practical Ways Your Business Can Use Virtual Reality

Companies and marketing professionals are finding innovative ways to harness the power of virtual reality, giving followers and potential buyers the ability to connect with brands in new, powerful ways.

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Are You Ignoring The World's Second Largest Search Engine?

Video advertising on YouTube is more effective than television advertising because the target audience is generally more engaged.

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Tourism Marketing: Let's Get Digital

New Orleans’ tourism is making some serious noise again. The city set new records in 2015 with 7 billion in traveler spending.

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Mobile Behavior: Why Mobile Conversions Are Still Second To Desktop

Mobile browsing has presented a lot of unique challenges for marketers concerned with the #1 of internet marketing: conversions. Why does this matter to you?


Branding 101: Mistakes Businesses Make

Far too often businesses suffer from a few simple branding mistakes. Many of those mistakes can be easily avoided.

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5 Tips For Modern SEO Success

Companies require internet marketing to make sure their websites are seen and this is leading to more companies adopting methods inspired by the business start up process.

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Web Analytics: Where Do You Start?

It’s no secret that we’re living in a world full of data – it’s everywhere. The abundance of data may seem so overwhelming that some of us choose to simply ignore it.


Yes, 'Business' is 'Personal'

We took it as an opportunity to tell our clients' stories on our own website after already telling their stories on their own websites. And we didn't use the space to describe each project in painstaking, technical detail. Instead we described what made each of them so unique.

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Tips for Hiring the Right SEO Company

Many of these companies might tell you the same thing; they promise to get you on the first page of Google. That is the wrong answer.


Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Like any other marketing strategy, the goal of an SEO campaign is to put your brand in front of more people and, if done properly, the right people!

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Building a Long-Term Relationship with Google™

Google™ is smarter and pickier about what is displayed in the SERPs. For a website to achieve a high rank, it has to prove itself as a legitimate site that Google™ can trust.

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