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Sometimes tactics that are considered old-school achieve that designation because they work and people continue to use them. Think of all the internet marketing trends that have come and gone in the past decade! We like Google Ads because it allows our clients the ability to expand their reach without a serious hit to their spending. If you are on the fence about Google Ads or don’t really know much about it, keep reading to find out why we're so bullish on this ad option. 


We love that Google Ads is so flexible that you can essentially name your own price. This is perfect for start-ups and new firms as well as new product lines that are launching on a shoestring budget. Choose between Search Network and Display Network to realize the reach that makes sense for you. 


Are you a seasonal business, or do you want to really boost your signal during certain times of the year? With Google Ads you call the shots, determining exactly how you want the program to work for you. 


You run your Ads based on keywords or let Google know the type of audience that you'd like to target and they take it from there. You pay when someone clicks on your link that pops up in the Search or Display Network. It's a simple process that can seem confusing in the abstract, but it is one of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your business.

Our clients have found Google Ads to be an effective way to grow their business without having to lay out a large amount of cash. We have found this marketing tool beneficial for both growing and established businesses, and know that your company can reap the rewards of Google Ads too. We don't suggest that you rely solely on Google Ads, but we think that you will agree that it is an effective arrow to have in your digital marketing quiver. 

Interested in adding Google Ads to your marketing plan but not sure where to start? Give us a call and we'll help you figure it out!

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